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Strength in Association

Travel industry experts

African Synergy is a tourism-based representation company specialising in the sales and marketing of select tourism destinations within Southern Africa, East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. We represent an excellent collection of superb African and Indian Ocean Island products which have been personally endorsed with our stamp of approval before being accepted into our fold.

The Importance of a strong presence in the market

The Southern African tourism industry is fast approaching saturation with many new products entering the arena continuously. Competition is rife. The properties that will benefit and succeed in the medium and long terms will be those that have a strong product offering, added value and well-developed relationships with front-line partners and ambassadors. It is our objective to focus on the high-quality city, eco /nature destinations, providing the trade with a destination that meets the standards expected within this highly competitive and often aggressive environment.


“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves”

Pico Iyer

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